KEW Magnas

2003 VF750C 1984 V65 1985 V65 1986 V65
I am currently in the process, when time permits (I would rather ride than code) of dedicating and developing this page and portion of to feature my Magna motorcycles. It should include adventures, photos and whatever else I can think of. Why do I own four Magnas? Must be a disease. There will be more to come!

2003 VF750C Magna
Currently All Stock In Candy Blue
Photos & Trips
Honda Specification Propoganda
Speed & Performance Stats ( Not From Honda )

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1986 V65 Magna
Some Weird Custom Burgundy Color with Flames
  • Riding Pegs
  • Miles: 29,000

  • 1984 V65 Magna
    Repainted Stock Black
  • Matching Tracy Fairing
  • Crash Guards
  • Miles: 18,500

  • 1985 V65 Magna
    The Latest Addition in 9/2003
    Original Pearl Vintage Red
  • Front Wind Deflector (small sheild)
  • Corbin Seat
  • Saddle Bags & Fork Tool Bag
  • Crash Guards with Riding Pegs
  • Passenger Back Rest
  • SixPack Rack with small bag
  • Miles: 36,000

    Honda Sabre, Magna BBS
    Magna Riders Assoc.
    Magna Owners of Texas (MOOT)
    Honda Motorcycles
    Honda Riders Club of America

    Awesome Tips & Safety

    Brochure Pics
    1983 Cover
    1983 Interior 2
    1983 Interior 3
    1983 Interior 4
    1983 Interior 5
    1983 Back

    1985 Cover
    1985 Interior 1
    1985 Interior 2
    1985 Back

    1983 Cycle Magazine Article